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Since 1962, USD has designed and built form, fit and function equivalents to the Honeywell, AIS, BAE, Condor Pacific, Northrop, Timex and Humphrey families of rate and rate integrating gyroscopes. We have manufactured over 100 different models for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Thales, L-3 Communications and many others with excellent field history. They are currently used in programs that cover the performance and environmental requirements typically encountered by aircraft, missiles, vehicles, ships and tanks. Applications include altitude control, aided navigation, heading and attitude reference, antenna and seeker stabilization, mid-course guidance, and turret and sight stabilization. They are currently used in a great number of major U.S. military and foreign programs such as F15, F16, F18, A6, V22 Osprey, Tow Cobra, Phalanx, Paveway, Patriot Missile, and Standard Missile.


Design, Repair, Manufacture, and Test

USD’s families of gyroscopes can be easily interchanged with many other manufacturers’ gyroscopes. Whether it’s a drop-in replacement or an application that requires slight mounting changes, USD will work with the customer to achieve a painless solution in keeping your legacy system alive. This eliminates the unnecessary system design activity and re-qualification for the end user and avoids many costs associated with re-designing the system for a different type of gyroscope. With this in mind, we can guarantee the life of your legacy system for many years to come.

USD’s gyroscopes can be configured to accept many different input excitations and designed to whatever output parameters are necessary to perform flawlessly in your system. Utilizing our expert engineering staff, we can design and build many different mounting brackets with the gyroscope aligned in the bracket to 1 milliradian or better. This enables the customer to bolt down the gyroscope and just plug it in for a quick, easy, low cost integration of a superior performing gyroscope.

Types of Gyroscopes

Our Core Gyroscopes


475615: M2

475300-2: M242

475650: LEOPARD

475375: M2/M3

475660: M60A3

475232 Gyroscope


446228: AJ10

446225: AJ13

446375: AJ13*

446325-1: BB01

446325-2: BB01-2

446325-3: BB01-3

446776: BC02

446182: BC02-2

446900: BD01

446200: LC02

446750: LC03

446350-2: LC04

446800: LC07

446350-1: LC08

446450: LC10

446735: LC22

446740: LC23

446365: LC30

446765: LL03

446830: PA03

 USD Bearings & Pivots

USD has diligently embarked on developing and manufacturing an in-house viable bearing, ensuring form, fit, and function compatibility for all of our gyroscope needs. Presently, we provide the new USD bearing along with various pivots, and are actively collaborating with our partners to further enhance this product line to meet their specific requirements.

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