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Value Added Engineering

Value Added Support
  • U.S. Dynamics Corporation can also design and fabricate all the associated electronics necessary to achieve optimum performance

    • Servos and Demodulators

    • Motor, Pickoff and torquer driver cards

    • Packaging of multiple gyroscopes with electronics

  • USD’s gyroscopes can be easily interchanged with the Honeywell GG1111, GG250 and GG445 family of gyroscopes. We also provide drop-in replacements for the Atlantic Inertial Systems / Condor Pacific / Northrop / Timex GI-G5, GR-G5 and GI-G6 gyroscopes, all benefiting from over 40 years of continuous improvement.

  • USD has developed a drop-in replacement for the Humphrey / Rosemount / Goodrich FG series of stored energy gyroscopes. Since 2011, over 4,500 gyros have been produced for a Laser Guided Bomb guidance application.

Long Life Gyroscopes
  • USD has developed a long life version of it’s spinning mass rate and rate-integrating gyroscopes. Under development and test for over ten years, USD has succeeded in extending the life of it’s gyroscopes from a typical 4,000 hours to a minimum of 12,000 hours. The long life components can be added to any of our rate and rate-integrating gyroscopes which include all of the form, fit, function, drop-in replacements for the Honeywell GG1111 and the Atlantic Inertial Systems GIG6, GIG5/GRG5 gyroscopes.

  • Extended Life of Spin Motor Bearings

  • High Temperature Lubricants

  • Proprietary Plasma Cleaning Process

  • Temperature Screening

In-House Environmental Test Facility

In-house environmental test facility can verify operation for:

  • Altitude: Up to 150,000 ft

  • Humidity: Up to 99%

  • Temperature: -55° C to +125° C

  • Vibration: Linear and angular vibration

  • Centrifuge: 100 g’s

Typical equipment includes:

  • Russels RBH-35-10-10-A/C, 27 cu ft Temperature/Altitude Chamber (0 to 150,000 ft)

  • Tenney 12ST100/350, 12.5 cu ft Temperature/Altitude Chamber (0 to 60,000 ft)

  • Thermotron F-62-CHV-25-25/ECA, 61 cu ft Temperature Chamber

  • Thermotron S16 MiniMax, 15.5 cu ft Temperature Chamber

  • Associated HK-5108, 8 cu ft Temperature/Humidity Chamber

  • LDS Model V810 Vibration Table

  • Contraves Angular Vibration Table

  • Assorted High Precision Rate Tables

USD can design and fabricate any fixtures that would be required for testing. We can also build test equipment to run operating tests during environmental testing.

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