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  B-52 T-38 AN/TPS-75
  C-130 AN/MPQ-T3 FPS-117
  E-2C AN/MPS-T1 TPQ-36/37
  F-4 AN/MST-T1  
  F-5 AN/TPS-43  
  F-15 AN/TPS-59  
  F-16 AN/TPS-63  
  F-18 AN/TPS-70  
  AN/ALQ-119 AN/ALR-62 AN/APQ-120
  AN/ALQ-131 AN/ALR-69 AN/APQ-122
  AN/ALQ-135 AN/APG-63 AN/APQ-153
  AN/ALQ-153 AN/APG-66 AN/APQ-157
  AN/ALQ-184 AN/APG-68 AN/APQ-159
  AN/ALR-56 AN/APQ-109 AN/APX-103
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 For over forty years, USD has successfully served the military, aerospace, and telecommunication industries with the highest quality design, reverse engineering, architectural upgrade, repair and overhaul, and testing of complex electronic assemblies, subassemblies and components.